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The Award Winning Endeavour II Kayak The Cost Effective Cape Charles Kayak We build each of our kayaks customised to a client's needs based on existing plans for the following models: The 17 foot Endeavour (left) designed by Steve Killing. Judged "Best Small Boat" by the Vancouver Wooden Boat Society at the August 1999 Vancouver Wooden Boat Festival. The economical Mahogany Cape Charles Kayak (right) is finished with rich Mahogany stain on the deck.designed by Chesapeake Light Craft. We can customise cedar stripping to your own specifications (some examples appear below). The Cape Charles kayak or any other of the plywood kayaks may be left in natural wood or the hull can be painted in a colour of choice. Any kayak that you see in our boat designers links can be built by us for you. See our Specifications and Pricing for further details or contact us.

Three of oru custom-made kayaks

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